one of a seriesyoung adult fictionThe Clone Codes by Patricia C. McKissack [pdf : 188k]

Subjects: Science fiction; Cloning—Fiction; Segregation—Fiction; Freedom—Fiction; Fugitives from justice—Fiction
Book Lists: Civil Rights

It is the year 2170 and the world has evolved to include time travel, clones, and advanced technologies. It is a world of happiness and freedom for all. Or is it? Unfortunately, history is about to repeat itself and not in a good way. It seems that lessons learned long ago have been forgotten.

Our story begins with Leanna, your average 13-year-old, except that her father and twin sister died in a farcar accident when she was young and she is one of the first teens to attend a new All-Virtual School. Now I don’t mean an online school but a virtual school. She sees and hears her classmates as if they were actually there in her house. Leanna loves it, especially the history lessons. Instead of reading boring textbooks, Leanna gets to experience historical moments virtually, like bring a slave on the run with Harriet Tubman. It’s awesome.

But what Leanna doesn’t know is that while she is off fighting in a computer generated world for her freedom from plantation owners, her mother is fighting another battle much more real.

In the year 2170 clones live amongst people. But they are not considered sentient (they don’t have human emotions). They are considered property and treated like slaves, like Harriet Tubman. But Leanna’s mother thinks otherwise. In fact, she knows and has proof that clones are just like humans. She is a member of the Liberty Bell movement, an illegal organization that fights for the rights of clones. The proof is revolutionary, but the government does not agree and considers those fighting for clone rights to be terrorists.

After Leanna’s mother is arrested for treason, it is up to Leanna to face a horrifying truth, learn from her history lessons and fight for the cause. (Hold up book) Read The Clone Codes by Patricia McKissick and decide if you would fight for a clone.

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