Young Adult FictionJason & Kyra by Dana Davidson [pdf : 256k]

Subjects: African Americans; Interpersonal relations; Fathers and sons; High schools

Props: Basketball, two slips of paper with names, hat (or box, bowl or similar—used to hold slips of paper)

As the title suggests, this story is about Jason and Kyra, two very different students beginning their junior year at Cross High School. Jason is enjoying his life as the star (Bring out basketball) of Cross High’s basketball team, and the most popular and best looking guy at school. He is six feet even, well muscled, with broad shoulders, a tapered waist, and long, strong legs. Add to that, a face that was traffic-stoppin’ fine. (Put down basketball) Kyra is equally content in her not so popular life as Cross High’s smartest, most eccentric and off beat student. Kyra had huge almond shaped eyes with thick, dark lashes framing them and an easy smile. Her hair was long, thick, and wooly. She nearly always wore it in natural braids, no extensions with a few shells and beads. Her hair was what pretty much everyone called nappy.

Under normal circumstances these two would live quite happily in their own separate worlds—one a popular jock, the other a brain. However, fate had other plans—they were enrolled in the same AP English class. Jason and Kyra became aware of each other. Kyra couldn’t help but notice a fine young man like Jason. Jason couldn’t help but notice Kyra’s long, slender legs and he liked that she was smart and articulate. But they didn’t speak to each other and fate had to step in again. Their names were drawn at random (Pull 2 slips of paper out of hat) and they became partners for their first research project.

Now things start to get interesting. Kyra soon realizes that Jason is not the dumb jock she thought he was. She sees that he has interests and hopes beyond basketball. And Jason finds himself opening up to Kyra; telling her things he’s never told anyone before. He talks about his moody and abusive father and his mother who died from cancer when he was three.

As the two become friends and eventually fall in love, no one in school can believe it—what in the world was Jason doing with Kyra. It did not make sense. Not to Jason’s friends or the student body in general. And it definitely didn’t make sense to Jason’s ex, Lisa, who was determined to break them up. For Jason and Kyra to be together they would have to trust in each other which is always easier said than done. Can their love break through the boundaries and stereotypes that are found in every high school? Find out for yourself, (Hold up book) read Jason & Kyra by Dana Davidson.

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