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image of a poem   image of a poem
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by Officer Gray
I Wanna Be
by Leeshawn
I wanna be mad not sad
I wanna be happy not sad
I wanna be cool not like a fool
I wanna be cute, not dispute.
A trip
by Justin
I won a trip to
Lovely California
And to Amsterdam
The trip
by anonymous
I went on a trip.
It was a bad idea,
never again trip!
by Officer X
Looking fabulous
He amazes me always
Likes sodium – yeah.
The Corner
by Richard
A kid was in a corner not
knowing he did wrong,
thinking he was right.
I pull up with a truck
waiting like a punk
wondering where you at.

I text and call,
I wait and fall,
I know you're asleep and all.

But I ain’t waiting anymore - Gonzo.

by Officer Phillips
It was the night before Christmas as we lay on the mat!
My brother yelled, "Hey, is that a rat!"
Santa came down the chimney and said, "Hey, what’s up?"
My brother said, "Yeah! Merry Christmas, this is a stick up!"
So Santa ran out the front door
Saying, "Ain’t coming here no more!"
I was Walking
by Edwin T.
I was walking down the street in the middle of the night.
It was dark out there with a little bit of moonlight.
When I turned down the corner I seen a short girl.
She looked nice.
She had a beautiful dress and her smile shined bright.
I said, "Hi". And she said, "Hi". It was love at first sight.
Yes, sir, you got that right.
Written by students at the JDC
Inspired by Lemonade and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word by Bob Raczka
  Written by students at the JDC
Haiku poetry inspired by Guyku by Bob Raczka

All alone one Halloween...
A howl!
Oh no!
All well?

She ate pie paste.
She gasps!
She spat!
She pegs the pie... she hates pie paste.


I think I have food
poisoning. My stomach hurts.
I need the toilet.

If this place could talk
I think it would tell me to
get out and shape up!

The beach is hot and
sandy, my toes sink in the
sand. I love the beach.

Chocolate Bunnies
taste super sweet sinking in
my teeth. Mmmm, yummy.

To My Child
A Poem by A. Medina

I can't wait for you to come.
But right now your in my tum.
I am waiting for your arrival.
You will be my survival.
I can't wait to give you lots of hugs.
I can't wait to play on the living room rug.
There are so many book I want you to read.
In that case you will succeed.
I will love you unconditionally forever.
We will always be together.

Locked Up
A Poem by Neya

I'm locked up
I need to get out of here
I need my freedom

We all locked up
I just wanna buck
I'm all out of luck
So therefore I'm stuck

A Poem by Aleya
I love chewy, she's so cute.
So talkative, she's never mute;
Even though she's very bright,
She is seriously lacking in height.
A Poem by Hallie and Mollie
ballet poen
click image to enlarge
by Anonymous

When you think about incarceration and captivity you no longer think of walls and a cell. What comes to mind is man. There is no longer equality between man. That day when it's time to rest will never come because we've allowed it to grow bigger than us. God looks around and watches while his intention begins to fade. God made man to rule over animal but he never made man with inequality to have man rule over man. You can't give man power because there's not one man on this earth that knows how to use it. When power rests in your hand, it eats you alive. The world moves and watches as you move with it. You move too. But while the world's spinning, your eye sets on one thing and you begin to lose your mind. Your mind becomes the walls, your lungs become the bars, and your heart becomes the temperature in the air. Incarceration.

Dream Big
A Poem by Mollie and Hallie
ballet poen
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